5 Korean minimalist kitchen designs

The kitchen is one of the rooms that must be in the house. All homes will need a kitchen that is used for cooking and making various foods or drinks. But if you like Korean drama then you can try to make a beautiful and charming kitchen design.

  1. A combination of Western and Korean styles

Besides purely using Korean-style kitchen, you can also make a combination of modern kitchen with Western and Korean styles. This kitchen idea is very suitable for you who live in a flat or not an apartment house. The kitchen is usually located on the back side and directly connected to a simple garden.

The concept of structuring the kitchen is in accordance with how to organize a small kitchen lengthwise. This kitchen idea uses an L shape with narrower edges. The kitchen utilizes storage space down the side so that the top side of the kitchen table looks empty. Also only uses a small table plate rack. Then the set of dining tables and chairs can be placed in this area. although it is very simple but this kitchen is beautiful. Click website: http://s128.blog/

2. Scandinavian Style Apartment Kitchen

If you want to combine Korean kitchen style and Scandinavian style, then that’s not a problem. You can make a minimalist kitchen that only has a two-room kitchen table and a simple kitchen set.

But this kitchen is more interesting because the backdrop model is installed with a brick motif wallpaper. Then on the back side of the kitchen can be used for a dining table directly facing the open window.

3. Simple Cafe style kitchen

A simple cafe-style kitchen can be a very attractive Korean kitchen. This kitchen concept is made with a mixture of modern interiors. The kitchen table is made as a complete kitchen device. It’s just coupled with a kitchen table which is also used for dining tables. Modern chandeliers give the impression that this kitchen looks luxurious.

Here are some Korean-style kitchen designs for a minimalist home. If you are interested, then you can use the kitchen concept that suits your dreams.

4. Minimalist All-Round Yellow Kitchen

Another kitchen design is to use a minimalist kitchen in yellow. This concept is most widely used for parents’ kitchens. All parts of the kitchen use simple elements such as kitchen sets, separate sinks, shelves for storing various utensils and refrigerators. On the other hand it can still be used to place a table and four simple chairs. With a wooden floor model, this yellow kitchen looks very attractive. This idea can be used to organize a small kitchen without a kitchen set.

5. Kitchen in the Corner of the Room

The kitchen can also be built in the corner of the back room. This corner can not be seen from any part. But there is one small road from the family room so it is directly connected to the kitchen. The side close to the wall is used for a kitchen table complete with a stove and sink. Then the bottom is used as a storage drawer. Then at the other end of the wall is used for open shelves to store small furniture or decoration.

Walnut & Cream Shaker Elegance

This design is a combination of 3 key elements, the beauty of solid Walnut which is both timeless and currently in vogue, our award winning Elegance door painted in bone china and the blanco antique Granite worktops. Together they produce a stunning overall effect.

All of the kitchen doors are an ‘in frame’ design which gives them a classical look in a contemporary setting.  An array of solid and illuminated glazed doors has been used to maximize storage and highlight display areas.  The use of a simple stainless steel handle compliments the style of the door and is accented in the stainless steel appliances.

The curved central island is a striking contemporary design giving a distinct WOW factor.  The large curved Walnut bar snakes around the curves of the island giving the kitchen a distinct flow. The Walnut bar is topped with  22mm shaped glass following the same lines, the elevation of this area on stainless steel supports raises you from the working kitchen, making it the perfect place for informal dining or a glass of wine.

The curved doors on the island are a superb example of the skill of our craftsmen; each one is handmade to fit the curve of the island.  The units opposite the island mirror the curved design, which continues interesting flow of the kitchen.

A huge Sub Zero American style fridge freezer and matching wine cooler are housed seamlessly into an impressive floor to ceiling display area.  Next to this area are a Miele steam oven and coffee machine, housed at eye level at the perfect working height.  They are fitted within a bespoke housing unit comprising of drawers to house espresso cups, coffee beans and utensils, everything within easy reach.

The appliances throughout have been selected to reflect modern living; the island houses a Miele tepan plate, Halogen 4 burner hob and a single gas powered wok burner, giving the chef in the house endless possibilities.  The Miele double ovens have been duplicated giving the advantage of 2 full size single ovens each with a warming drawer below.

There is plenty of storage available from both wall and base units, also shown are 2 tall pull out larders, one next to each oven, which can be used to store an array of food stuffs with easy access.

A large under-mounted sink has been fitted with a matching stainless steel tap and a Quooker boiling water tap, giving instant access to boiling water and elevating the necessity for a kettle.  The granite splash-back flows behind the sink meeting the bottom of the wall units which continues the luxurious feel of the kitchen whilst protecting against any splashes and spillages. This truly is a kitchen to reflect modern luxury living with the practicalities of everyday life.

Bedrooms White Groove

Our White Groove bedroom is exceptional at concealling a massive amount of storage. The full wall storage doors are reflected in the headboard and bedside cabinets whilst the black surround is used to construct the vanity unit.

Designer Kitchens UK

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