Designing any part of the house is never an easy task. The bathroom is not an exception. To make sure everything goes well and you get the feel and look you desire at the end of the day, there are few things to consider such as the type of appliances and how they will cater for your bathroom needs. A careful pre-purchase plan is a key to ensuring that everything works out perfectly. The most important appliances and items you should have in your bathroom are bathtub, sink, faucets and few accessories to add a little touch to your bathroom.

The plan and care required when designing the bathroom of adults should be doubled when it comes to designing kids bathroom. Due to the slippery nature of bathroom appliances, hazards are not far fetched. This is the reason why every appliance to be installed in the kid’s bathroom should be safety proof. Another important factor to consider when choosing appliances for the kids’ bathroom should be simplicity. The appliance should be easy to use and as oppose to the bathroom of adults, the appliance should be easy for kids to reach since they are not as tall as adults.

In other words, the appliances in the kids’ bathroom should be kids friendly. There is one way to achieve this, which is by installing toilet lid sink. The lid sink will eliminate more than half of the issues kids usually face in the bathroom. This guide will highlight few ways that the toilet lid sink can help make the kids’ bathroom safety proof and easy to use. The main worry of every parent is whether their kids are washing their hands well after using the toilet or if they are even washing their hands at all. The toilet lid sink will eliminate the need for this worry as it is easy to reach and use.

A  child may dispense with the need to wash his/her hand if the bathroom faucet is hard to reach or invincible, but with the toilet lid sink, the child will easily sight and use the sink after flushing. Another advantage of the lid sink is that it allows the water used for washing the hands to drain into the bowl and be used for flushing the toilet. The way the toilet lid sink works will allow users to save a great deal of water. This is especially amazing for kids bathroom considering the quantity of water they use for minor things in the bathroom.

Another problem that kids may face with the setting of regular bathrooms is turning the faucet on and off as well as ensuring that the temperature is set correctly. This might be a difficult task for kids and if proper care is not taken it may lead to hazards such as setting the faucet on a very high temperature or the inability to turn the water off after use. To avoid these potential hazards and difficulties for the child, it is recommended to consider going for a hands-free toilet lid sink when choosing kids bathroom appliances.

This is because it allows you to set a temporary temperature and all the kids need to do is to place their hands under the tap which automatically allow water to run for the kids. It also automatically off itself when the kid removes his/her hands. In terms of the height of a regular toilet sinks, a toilet lid sink may just be the answer for kids bathroom. This is because it can be easily reached and used without any adult intervention. In addition, it serves as a reminder for little kid who is learning to use the toilet. More often than not, they may even forget to wash their hands after using the toilet.

However, this may be a thing of the past with the toilet lid sink as it serves as a reminder for kids to wash their hands. This is because clean water automatically starts to run from the faucet after flushing the toilet.  Although the lid sink is especially useful for kids, it may also be of tremendous us to grown-ups. The hands-free faucet will go a long way in preventing the spread of germs in the home. Due to the way it is constructed, the toilet lid sink will also lead to the dramatic reduction in the amount of water used in the bathroom.